Work Package 6


This WP will be led by P12 (CIRCA Group Europe) (financial coordinator), who will be responsible for the tasks related to financial matters. The scientific coordination GrassMargins project will be led by P1 (Teagasc). The project management is divided over three levels: project co-ordinator, WP co-ordinators (management committee) and WP partners. The project management is primarily the task of the coordinator, with assistance of the other WP leaders (in organizing reporting and consortium meeting organization) and, indirectly, of all partners (for WP implementation, report preparation, and decision making).

The task of WP6 is the management of the ‘Grass Margins’ project. The project coordinator will ensure the smooth running of the ‘GrassMargins’ project as a whole, by reporting to the commission and by acting as a communication bridge between the WP coordinators, the WP partners, the project advisory committee, the EU and the end-users and stakeholders.

WP6 is also responsible for supervising the assessment and review of progress and project results during the yearly consortium meetings and in the intermediate reports by WP coordinators. Timely achievement of deliverables will be measured against the original planning of the deliverables. A start-up meeting will be organized in the first month to fine-tune organization of the work plan and set up protocols and procedures for meetings, reporting and dissemination.

Yearly project meetings will be co-organized by the coordinator and one of the partners, at whose site the meeting will be held. At such meetings all results of the preceding year will be reported, progress will be reviewed (such a through monitoring and checking of deliverables) and plans for the next period determined and adjusted. A consortium agreement will be set up to regulate intellectual property issues (P1 in agreement with all partners).

The tasks of P12 (financial and legal issues) shall include:
  • Financial management of the project including annual reporting to the Commission and to the project management committee.
  • Management, maintenance and amendments of EC grant agreement.
  • Management, implementation and maintenance of project consortium agreement.

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Perennial Biomass Crops for a Resource Constrained World Programme, Proceedings of Biomass 2015, Stuttgart, Germany, 2015.

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