Work Package 5


Work package 5 focuses in the dissemination and exploitation of the grass margins project. Communnicating findings to scientists and the general public at large, advancing scientific training, sharing experience and results through portals, workshops, talks, publications and impacting upon the scientific community.

The main objectives of work package 5 are detailed below.
  1. To communicate the findings of the project to the general public, The European Commission and the grass breeding and bioenergy industry by technical and peer reviewed publications, a database and project website.
  2. To train PhD and MSc students in the field of modelling, genetics, plant physiology and agronomy and submit associated theses.
  3. To develop a subsection in the GrassPortal website for biomass perennial grasses.
  4. To organise workshops, open to the international community, on biomass production from perennial grasses.
  5. Organise and execute twinning action with a third country on the topic of this project (still to be identified)

Publications related to this work package:



Barth S, Klaas M, Burke B, Doyle D & Finnan J (2013) Perennial grasses for marginal soils. TResearch 8(3), p 42-43



Perennial Biomass Crops for a Resource Constrained World Programme, Proceedings of Biomass 2015, Stuttgart, Germany, 2015.

Partners involved in Work Package 5