Work Package 4

Optimising biomass production and rapid drying of perennial grasses

The work involved in this work package is primarily field-based. The project partners involved have considerable experience in this area and will not be on a ‘learning curve’. However, fieldexperiments have a greater level of inherent risk compared to laboratory or glasshouse experiments largely due to the potential effect of variables such as weather and disease over which the experimenters have little control. Additionally, most field experiments which involve yield determination can only be repeated on an annual basis. It is considered that the best strategies for managing these risks are careful planning and regular progress meetings. The project partners have sufficient experience of the problems associated with field work, this experience will be used to plan the work of the work-package in such a way as to minimise risk as much as possible.

Publications related to this work package:



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Perennial Biomass Crops for a Resource Constrained World Programme, Proceedings of Biomass 2015, Stuttgart, Germany, 2015.

Partners involved in Work Package 4