Work Package 3

Tolerance to abiotic stress (salinity, drought, flooding, cold)

The experiments involving stress could work out more complicated, depending on if controlled environments or natural conditions will be used. The salt stress experiments are the less difficult to control since P10 possesses wide experience in applying salt stress in hydroponics conditions and has a natural testing site in Australia. The frost tolerance and late frost stress can be more challenging since we depend on natural climatic conditions and in the years we are looking for this stress, it might be less prevalent (at least under Western and Northern European conditions). P4 has excellent infrastructure for drought stress experiments, thus we anticipate that we will deliver on this task. Also partner 10 has a drought testing site in France.

Adaptation to abiotic stress conditions influencing biomass yield

In order to limit the competition between bioenergy and food production and to create resilient

production systems that can tolerate the increased climatic variation foreseen with climate

change, it is important to increase the stress tolerance of the target perennial grasses. Important

stress factors that we have selected to address are drought, salt, flooding and cold.

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