Tinplant Biotechnik und Pflanzenvermehrung GmbH


TINPLANT is a private nursery company and was founded in 1992. The facility includes one hectare glasshouses, several culture rooms and a laboratory for micro-propagation. The company has 14 employees including 4 scientists. TINPLANT has experience with cultivation of different species of plants and also in delivering breeding services to different breeding companies, e.g. KWS Saat AG. The plants are used in landscape gardening, recultivation, breeding, research and bio energy. TINPLANT works since 1992 on the breeding of Miscanthus and was involved in different research projects with Miscanthus, Rhubarb, Oak trees and Phragmites. The company was a participant in the EU project “European Miscanthus Improvement (EMI), broadening the genetic base, testing genotypes and development of breeding methods”. Since 2007 TINPLANT is in collaboration with the US Company Mendel Biotech and offers breeding services for Miscanthus. The term of this collaboration will finish in December 2011.

Work Allocation for Tinplant