Institute of Plant Genetics, Polish Academy of Sciences


The Institute of Plant Genetics, Polish Academy of Sciences (PAS) is an important centre of agrobiology and molecular genetics. Since the early 1990’s the State Committee for Scientific Research, which is responsible for the evaluation of the standard of research in Poland, has been rating it as one of the best institutes in Poland in agricultural sciences. The Laboratory of Quantitative Genetics, where this work will be performed, conducts research in the analysis of structure of genotype-environment interactions and the determination of sensitivity of genotypes to variable environmental conditions and the subject of energy plants such as Miscanthus, Switchgrass and willow under the leadership of Professor Stanis?aw Je?owski. The main subjects in Miscanthus study are: in vitro culture propagation, generation of polyploid forms, haploidation of M. sinensis, performing intra and interploidy crosses, application of molecular markers and gas exchange parameters in analysis of plant material. The facility includes a plant tissue culture laboratory with culture rooms, experimental field, and glasshouse facilities necessary for the proposed research.

Work Allocation for PAS