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K-Now is a small medium enterprise born as a spin out from the Department of Computer Science in the University of Sheffield in 2008 to commercialise research based Knowledge Management Technologies. K-Now focuses primarily on the provision of advanced knowledge platforms and portals for bringing together complex knowledge across traditional boundaries to enable knowledge reuse. K-Now is expected to be involved in WP1 and WP5 regarding the provision of the ICT platform as well as industrial dissemination and exploitation of the results. K-Now uses cutting edge (and traditional) technologies to immediately and effortlessly share and reuse proprietary knowledge across and beyond the consortium. K-Now has participated as partners in both International and National funded projects for the ICT, TSB, and JISC programs within the XMedia, Samulet, Siloet and GrassPortal projects. The emphasis of K-Now’s involvement in these projects concern platform provision for advanced semantic search, capture, and reuse to improve cross organisational access to heterogeneous knowledge. The GrassPortal project in particular provides relevant background technologies and experience focusing a platform to the provision of the worlds grass species records. All K-Now staff have a highly qualified background from extensive work on semantic knowledge management and information retrieval.

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