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DLF-Trifolium is a major seed company with a century-long history of traditional breeding that has been increased substantially and complemented with biotech research over the last two decades. As such the company has always been working to bring forefront science and the latest technologies into high-value products. The major breeding programmes include a wide range of grass seeds for forage and amenity, cereals, pulses, and fodder beet. More than 90% of the production is exported to an increasing number of countries throughout the world. The company supplies over one third of the total grass seeds consumed in the European Union. The total annual turnover is approximately Euro 280 million and as much as 10% of our employees are engaged in breeding and development. The biotech research unit carries out molecular based research on plant vegetative and reproductive development as well as biological processes related to biotic and abiotic stress and feed quality parameters. In addition, the DLF Research Division is constantly developing new molecular marker systems for assisting the breeding programmes. The company has been an active participant and coordinator of other EU projects focusing on GM containment ConFlow (Control of Flowering Time for Sustainable and Competitive Agriculture and Forestry), Transcontainer (Developing efficient and stable biological containment systems for genetically modified plants), GRASP (Developing molecular SNP markers for grasses), and is an active partner in the currently running FP7 RENEWALL project (Improving plant cell walls for use as a Renewable industrial feedstock). DLF is also marketing specific grass varieties for biogas production.

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