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The CIRCA Group contributes to the Smart Economy by developing and adapting science, technology and innovation solutions that can be implemented at the company, regional, national and European levels.

CIRCA was founded in 1991. CIRCA has had extensive international involvement in science and technology policy, R&D, Intellectual Property Rights, Foresight and Benchmarking studies, and research and technology assessment. The Company has conducted many assignments in these areas for a range of national and international private and public clients, including the European Commission. CIRCA is a founding member of ETEPS (European Techno-Economic Policy Support Network). CIRCA also acts as an international gatekeeper bringing successful solutions from European and other countries worldwide. Frequently this means bringing relevant expertise to Ireland to assist in providing appropriate solutions to our national challenges. During its 20 years it has evolved a number of times. In the early 1990s it established an international reputation in ‘technology for Regional Development’ and worked in Ireland, the EU, Central Europe and in the US and Japan. In the late 1990s CIRCA assisted the development and implementation of the national R&D programmes. These include the Programme for Research in Third-Level Institutions (PRTLI), Science Foundation Ireland (SFI) and Foresight based programmes. In addition CIRCA was involved in developing expertise in national and regional innovation in Ireland. By the early 2000s, the focus moved to company innovation and R&D, the Higher Education sector and national programme evaluation and policy development. By 2009, in response to changing economic conditions, the focus has evolved to four main areas:

  • Private Companies – services on innovation, R&D, lean manufacturing, environment, business development;
  • Project Management and FP7 Proposal Development;
  • Research, Technology and Innovation bodies - national and EU RTI policy and programme development, studies, foresight, monitoring and evaluation
  • Higher Education Institutions– R&D management, FP7 proposals, strategies, HE-industry linkages

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