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OPTIMA - Optimization of Perennial Grasses for Biomass Production

The concept and ultimate objective of the OPTIMA project is to identify high-yielding perennial grasses for the Mediterranean area, within optimized production chain that will provide stable source for both biomass and new plant derived bio-products. Moreover, OPTIMA will explore the potentialities of perennial grasses on underutilized or abandoned marginal lands. Please click on the project URL above for more information.

OPTIMISC - Optimizing Miscanthus Biomass Production

Partners within OPTIMISC consortium have been working with Miscanthus species for many years and supplied diverse and promising germplasm to form the basis of this project. The overall objective of OPTIMISC is to optimize the miscanthus bioenergy and biopoduct chain by: (1) trialling elite germplasm types over a range of sites across Europe, Ukraine and Russia; (2) analyzing the key traits that currently limit the potential of miscanthus; (3) identifying high-value bioproducts; (4) modelling the combined results to provide recommendations to policy makers, growers and industry. Please click on the project URL above for more information.

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GrassPortal is a collaboration between researchers and IT specialists at the University of Sheffield, the Royal Botanic Gardens (Kew), Knowledge Now Limited, and the University of Lausanne. The GrassPortal system was initially developed with funding from JISC from September 2009 to March 2011. It is now supported by Project Sunshine, a University of Sheffield initiative, and by an EC cooperation grant to the University of Sheffield and K-Now. The EC project uses GrassPortal to understand the ecological requirements of wild perennial grasses that are being developed as biofuel crops.

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